Implementing multinational training at a local level

Frequently sales and service training and transformation programmes are applied across a wide number of countries by multinational organisations.

This brings challenges – too “head office” in its approach and it loses the ability to engage with teams at a local level because the relevance to their daily working life is insufficient. Too much localisation and the consistency and global change that was required is not fully delivered.

Global management and local delivery

At Prosell we have a great deal of experience of this type of challenge. We work with you to design the programme to take into account these variations, creating a robust programme that will achieve consistently high quality delivery.

And because we have a network of trainers around the world who understand the local language and culture of the country they work in, we can bring in the localisation that is necessary to create that engagement, that sense that “this programme is going to help me do my job better”. Our highly skilled project management brings all these elements together to ensure the programme is delivered globally, locally and brilliantly.

Case study - Dell Customer Mindset Program

Prosell rolled out the Customer Mindset sales training program for Dell in 2011; we trained 17,000 people in 14 countries in 8 different languages in just 6 months!

The impact of the program has been very positive and has delivered Net Promoter Score improvements of 11% for sales and 5% for service.

Early in 2012, Dell was awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock National Training Award for the program. The Golden Peacock awards recognise business excellence in leading Indian and India based multinational companies.

Given the scale of the rollout over a relatively short time frame, we took particular care to ensure that the consistentcy and integrity of the program were maintained. As Dell has been awarded the National Training Award, we can be confident that this was achieved.