Mark BW McDermott

Account Director

I joined Prosell in 2003 for 3½ years and returned to the business in 2011. My role is to secure new clients across the UK and EMEA and develop the initial programmes into long-term partnerships to benefit clients by demonstrating validated ROI and achievement of programme and strategic objectives. I have the pleasure of working with so many different people across all industries and functions, meaning I can add real value to their business and their customers, it's fantastic!

My career in L&D has developed over 25 years of undertaking numerous sales, support and service roles in the field and office based. I then felt the need to get into training (as it was called in those days) and joined an L&D team to develop the support and skill sets required to drive businesses goals to deliver results. I started work with NatWest Bank where I stayed for 13 years working in Retail, Business, Lending and Corporate Banking before taking the plunge in the diverse world of HR and L&D, then Sales L&D Consultant for BUPA.  After my first stint with Prosell, I spent a year at another consultancy before setting up my own training business, before "coming back to the fold" of Prosell!

I love being married, now into my fifth year, and am a regular globetrotter with my wife. My approach to life is "If you don't ask you don't get" and this has meant I get to meet lots of new people and experience new cultures through my many interests including motorcycling, snowboarding, squash and SCUBA diving to name a few. I split my free time between my home in Surrey, Scotland with my in-laws and my family spiritual home of St Ives in Cornwall where I grew up.