Peter Fullbrook

Managing Director (Prosell Pty Ltd) and VP AsiaPac

My education was in the UK, at Caterham School and The London School of Economics. I learnt that there are fundamental principles to running a business and that the rugby club drank more than all the others. After a brief but rewarding stint in social work, my commercial career was mostly spent with Xerox, in sales, corporate sales training and management. This taught me that you have to develop people in the job and not rely on courses to do the work. An active cricketer throughout my life, I also learnt the importance of teamwork and how to win and have fun at the same time.

I founded Prosell because I saw the importance of people’s potential contribution to a business and also saw how many companies missed the biggest opportunity they were presented with; the challenge to fully engage their people and to achieve high productivity and overall business performance.

I moved to Australia in 1998, where I set up the Australian arm of the company, and have been “down under” ever since. I believe living in Australia provides the right life balance for me, my wife and two daughters and have come to love all the variety it has to offer.