Retail: are your line managers allowed to coach? Four tips to empower your frontline managers

Friday 13 June 2014

How empowered are your frontline managers? These line managers and their teams are key to delivering a consistent customer experience and have an important impact on your bottom line. Yet, in many retail organisations, the scope of their role is inflexible and often subject to the changing demands of the area managers and head office.

Research has shown that if you allow the frontline managers more freedom, strong financial returns can be generated (McKinsey: Unlocking the potential of your frontline managers).  For example, one convenience retailer managed to reduce employee hours whilst increasing sales by 10%. Success does depend on good systems and processes first being in place. This, in turn, frees up time for your line managers to communicate the company direction and increase the level of structured and ad-hoc workplace coaching.

Supported by a good area manager and effective company wide structures, frontline managers can be empowered to make a sustainable, real difference to the customer experience and in turn the bottom line.

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This post was written by

Mark BW McDermott

Account Director