Why is so much sales training ineffective? Classic Training Mistakes

Monday 11 April 2016

According to Dettaman and Sternberg (Transfer on Trial 1996) 86% of skills training fails to transfer into the workplace, and of the 14% that does there is dissipation within four months. What is even more astounding is that when we talk about these figures to those who have been on sales training courses and even those who organise such events, they all seem to agree. Here is an excerpt from Peter Fullbrook's article "Why is so much sales training ineffective?"

Why is the transfer from classroom to workplace of sales training so ineffective?
Below is a brief list of the main reasons why the transfer from classroom to workplace of much sales training is so poor, even if you do get the content right.

The issues arise mainly because the maturity in buying sales training is low, compared to other buying processes.  This is because many people buy sales training based on past experience and better known courses.  Sales training is bought infrequently and as a result the rigour does not always exist to thoroughly evaluate.

So if you are told;

‘Our standard courses will meet your need’
Or ‘our methodology will improve your sales’
Or ‘our course will make your people effective’

Then question the validity of such catch-all statements. And if the training;

Then we must accept the figure that 86% of the training will have no impact and more crucially, no ROI for your business.

This is an excerpt from Peter Fulbrook's article "Why is so much sales training ineffective?" Read article.

This post was written by

Peter Fullbrook

Managing Director (Prosell Pty Ltd) and VP AsiaPac