Company background

Comcast is the largest US cable operator, home Internet service provider, and third largest home telephone service provider. The company provides cable television, broadband Internet, telephone service and home security to residential and commercial customers.

The Challenge

Increasing competition from satellite companies and fibre networks, such as Verizon and AT&T, was providing new choices for the customer. The inbound call volumes went from more calls than Comcast teams could handle, to fewer than were required.

In addition, the nature of the calls had changed; they moved from customers placing orders, to customers shopping around.

The challenge was for the inbound sales teams to increase their selling capability, there was a lack of sales mentality and capability, both amongst supervisors and agents. Managers knew how to identify poor performance, but they didn’t have the skills to implement change.

The Solution

Comcast had set some clear business objectives to improve performance across:

Comcast was already working with a major management consultancy to deliver a sales development program for the front line sales teams, but also needed to develop the first line managers to become performance coaches for their teams and so build sustainability into the program.

Prosell was chosen because of our experience and focus on sales and performance coaching, the strength of our team and our ability to design the solution and execute it in the field.

Prosell worked very closely with the management consultancy, ensuring both programs were aligned and capitalized on one another’s contribution.

Prosell took 350 first line managers and supervisors through the Procoach performance coaching program. The managers and supervisors were from both inbound sales and customer retention, based across the USA, from East to West Coast.


The improvement in performance, not only sales, but also customer experience have been very strong.

All measured areas exceeded the targets set by at least 50%.

Percentage improvement is in excess of:

These results have been driven by the combination of the front line program, Procoach for the supervisors and managers, and changes to the sales compensation package.

The sales and retention managers involved are currently undertaking their annual requalification process. This rigorous process of auditing and evaluation both tests and develops their performance coaching capability and in so doing sustains and grows performance improvement.

What Comcast says about Prosell

Our sponsor at Comcast recommends Prosell. What he values about us is our rigour, professionalism, focus, subject matter expertise and independence of thought, not to mention that he finds us incredibly responsive. We came and presented to divisions of the company, getting buy-in to the program, impressing even the most sceptical.

The feedback from senior management and participants has been excellent; the program has been universally well received. This is what some of the participants said:

The “Ah ha… moment” was when I realized that I was over nurturing my reps. At that moment, everything changed.

Procoach is indeed the catalyst that can transform ordinary agents into extraordinary super charged sales consultants!

Procoach has been great for me!  I have had so many eye opening experiences.  I have been able to break through barriers with reps that would have never been discovered without it.

I found myself eagerly awaiting the topics and scenarios that we were going to discuss because of their direct relevance to the new position I was starting.

Thanks to what I learned in Procoach, I helped take my bottom person straight to the top. Now I have 3 more bottom sellers that I will take to the top.

This program has really been the missing link in our transformation into a true sales culture.