The Brief

Henselite's world-wide reputation has been built on supplying quality products. Although being the leader in its field Henselite's senior management felt that in order to safeguard that position and continue it's growth in the face of increased competitor activity, the current management and sales practices needed to change.

Prosell established that Henselite, faced with aggressive competition, required a sales team that was effective and capable of developing new markets. They needed support from their management structure and processes capable of developing and supporting the sales team in that endeavour.

The Solution

Prosell's aim was to update the current management culture and redefine the sales process for both the external and internal sales teams. At Prosell we strongly believe that unsupported training does not bring people to a point of sustained competence. Therefore the first step was to update and fine tune the interaction between management and their sales people from one of confrontation (albeit somewhat benign) to one of positive coaching and support. The main issue was the language used within the interaction. Henselite's management went through Prosell's 'Licence to Coach Program'. This program is designed to close the gap between management practices that have not kept pace with today's increasingly better educated and independent employee.

The second stage was to introduce a 'Licence to Sell' program to both internal and external sales people. This program aimed to improve the way in which sales people thought about why their clients actually bought their products. If employees are becoming better educated and independent the same must be said of clients in general. Therefore a more considered approach must be adopted when approaching clients.

Measurable and Sustainable Results

The results achieved were substantial. The following changes occured:

"We asked Prosell to evaluate our current go to market strategies. As a result of the diagnosis Prosell completed on our business, we not only had a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our sales strategies. But through Prosell’s recommendations and implementation strategies, we had a clear pathway forward. We are very happy with the results."

Mark Hensel, Managing Director