Company Background

Market leader Hertz recently consolidated eight European markets into one location through the establishment of the Hertz Financial Centre at Swords Co. Dublin. This centralisation of service within Europe meant that there was a focus on the recruitment and development of staff tasked with managing a large volume of customer queries and accounting issues.

The Challenge

At operational level within the HEFC, best practice performance standards were still in their infancy, leading to a lack of consistency across different markets.

Quantitative performance indicators were in place to track performance - including files closed and calls taken per day - but team members had little clarification of the quality expectations relating to their work processes.

The Solution

Prosell partnered with local provider DBS Training to deliver the Procoach® programme.

The Procoach® solution was a direct response to the requirement for standardised performance management by Team Leaders. All Team Leaders needed to be able to affect their team members’ results on a daily basis - through processes put in place within the call centre environment.

Why Hertz chose Procoach®


Prosell set about programme development and a “Licence to Coach” Programme was designed and approved. This was designed to deliver both coaching consistency and business impact.

The coaching programme was attended by 29 Team Leaders and the basic elements of the programme implemented were as follows –


A key component of Procoach® performance improvement programmes is the tracking of performance in relation to key targets. The following results indicate the scale of improvement achieved -