Leightons Opticians

Company Background

Leightons Opticians is a family run business. Established in 1928 it currently has 35 stores in the South of England.

The Challenge

Leightons Opticians is committed to offering a premium service – and every element of the customer experience needs be consistent with their brand promise. Outstanding customer service is an important part of the strategy, with a particular focus on frontline staff being confident in conversational selling techniques. Not only should these “helpful conversations” deliver satisfied customers but also have an impact on revenues.

Leightons Opticians recognised that good management and leadership is the key to success – based on a top-down approach to embed the desired best practices throughout the business, and to provide an environment where performance improvement is sustained for the long term.

The Solution

With the support of Prosell and GrowthAccelerator, Leightons have set up a Learning Academy. This provides bespoke management, leadership and team development in-house.

Their objective was to train and develop internal teams to deliver programmes throughout the business. This approach intended to ensure a consistent quality of service throughout the 35 retail outlets and improve sales though effective conversational selling skills by their frontline staff.

The Results

Although Prosell has only been working with Leightons Opticians for a short period; the impact is already being felt, with a 5.4% growth in revenue for the first six months of 2013.

Rebecca Sharp, Operations Director at Leightons Opticians:


“GrowthAccelerator support and funding enabled us to create and deliver an entire Management Development program in a record time. Performance through people is our core value and for me to be able to tell my staff that this Learning Academy is being set up and then have the first courses running in a matter of months was fantastic.

Tapping into the GrowthAccelerator approved suppliers took the time and guess work out of sourcing a training provider; we have a real partnership arrangement with Prosell who really understand our business values and ethos.

So what has this given us? Put simply, engaged staff who feel invested in and valued.Undoubtedly we are seeing increased motivation, a desire to improve and with better capabilities in place, performance improvement has transferred to our bottom line.”


To find out more about these funded support schemes and whether you are eligible, contact Prosell on 020 8755 5380 or email info@prosell.com