Company background

Lloydspharmacy is a UK retail pharmacist with 1,650 owned branches throughout the UK. It has three product areas: dispensary, advisory and health services, and over the counter medicines.

What Lloydspharmacy says about Prosell

"It is so refreshing, as an HR professional, to work with a company that is as committed to sustainability and return on investment as we are in the HR leadership team. Working with Prosell has been a highly supportive and appropriately challenging partnership which has brought significant expertise to the success of this programme."

Barbara Sutherland
Head of Capability

The challenge

Since deregulation some years ago, competition has become intense, particularly from supermarkets. Lloydspharmacy’s brand image was not as clearly defined as it should be, thereby not giving enough brand clarity to customers.

In store, staff were friendly to customers, but retail standards were inconsistent, and, in some cases, poor. Some staff thought it wrong, as health professionals, to sell to customers, not realising that when done properly, a sales conversation enhances customer service. With thousands of product lines, there was not sufficient product knowledge, which also needed to be addressed alongside conversational selling skills.

The solution

The HR team consulted operations teams and senior management across the organisation, as well as its commercial and professional clinical standards partner. The result was a brief to three organisations, with Prosell selected as the partner of choice.

The reasons why Lloydspharmacy selected Prosell included:

Coaching of supervisors had not been part of the original brief, but Lloydspharmacy fully appreciated the benefits this would bring, not least the embedding of the new behaviours and the sustainability of the change.

The programme was called +ONE and was developed based on 4 Ss:

The programme is supported by the +ONE best practice videos and microsite and has involved 10,500 participants. Over just four months, Prosell ran over 100 workshops for more than 1,700 store supervisors and took 48 operational support managers through our five-day Procoach training programme.


Two other major initiatives were introduced concurrently with +ONE, so it is not possible to isolate the impact of +ONE. However, the performance improvement is strong:

The next phase of the programme is now being rolled out, with further development for pharmacy managers and area managers, to reinforce the leadership, capability and commercial requirements of their roles.