Company Background

Well known to motorists across the UK, the RAC provides a detailed inspection service for anyone considering the purchase of used cars via motor dealer networks. Despite market research and soundings, all of which confirmed the very strong appeal of this service to customers (85% attractiveness), the RAC were experiencing a poor response to promotional initiatives - resulting in low sales.

The Challenge

Prosell set out to define and address the problem. Our research identified the fact that dealership salespeople and managers had failed to grasp the sales potential and the added value benefits of the service. A combination of issues and perceptions on the part of many sales personnel had effectively limited promotion of the service to customers.


Prosell’s solution was designed to improve understanding, address negative issues and provide a positive and sustainable sales solution that would support the RAC.

"This has been a phenomenal success - a true example of using a specialist training company to solve difficult sales problems."

Personnel Director, RAC

Why RAC chose Procoach®

Procoach® - from Prosell is designed to deliver visible and sustainable performance improvement by addressing the methods and systems used to coach staff.

Procoach® is particularly suitable for sales and service teams as it:


Overall project implementation involved three key phases.

The first was a Research Phase -

This was followed by a tailored programme development phase -

Finally, training workshops were implemented and a programme of evaluation (using “before-and-after” measures) was undertaken, using “Mystery Shopper” live action filming and assessment.


The programme delivered measurable improvements in sales performance clearly illustrated in the “before-and-after” ratings:

The pilot programme was such a success that it was selected to be rolled out across the network - with over 100 sales people already having been through the programme in its initial phase.