Company Background

Yell is a leading international directories business operating in the classified advertising market through printed, online and phone media in the UK and the US. Yell touches the lives of millions of businesses and consumers every day. In the UK, its famous Yellow Pages directories are used 1.2 billion times a year and more than a million advertisements are published in them from every business sector.

The Challenge

Yell has committed considerable resources to develop both new services and back office systems to ensure the organisation is customer-centric and remains at the forefront of its industry.

To guarantee the success of this organisation-wide approach and to minimise any disruption to customers, Yell decided to further invest in the customer service skills of its people to ensure service levels were as high as possible.

The challenge was to find a solution that developed the inherent skills of front line managers so that organisational objectives and best practice ideas could be effectively coached to customer-facing teams and sustained and enhanced by their line managers. Yell chose Prosell as its strategic performance improvement partner as its Procoach® service was completely flexible, offering a tailored solution for all of Yell’s development needs.

The Solution

To ensure performance objectives were achieved and sustained over time, the key task was to develop a cultural shift within the business which was achieved using a three step approach.

The first step was to develop the telephone skills of the frontline customer service team. Secondly, customer service managers were coached using Procoach® Licence to Coach, in order to develop consistency in their approach and ensure the successful execution of coaching to the customer service team. Finally, Yell’s internal training team completed the Procoach® Professional programme. This was so Yell could be self-sufficient in running internal Procoach® Licence to Coach programmes, including the accreditation of managers who successfully completed the programme.


Procoach® Professional was the last stage of the three development programmes developed by Prosell. The Procoach® Professional programme consisted of six accredited training personnel all required to deliver Licence to Coach programmes, accreditation and ongoing audits of successful licensed coaches throughout the business. Procoach® Professional trainers are audited every nine to twelve months to ensure continued adherence to best practice and impact on overall results.


Jan Lovett, Senior Customer Service Manager at Yell, said:

“As a result of Procoach® Professional, we now have a centre of excellence for helping us to deliver a quality service throughout Yell customer service teams.”

Jan added:

“Procoach® programmes remain the customer service ‘house style’. They suit our business, the service remains flexible yet it is as relevant now as it was when we first started the programme in 2003. We have fully embraced the Procoach® concept and, as a result, we expect to experience the long-term benefits throughout our service teams.”