Lloyds TSB International

“We started working in partnership with Prosell back in early 2011 to develop the PERFECT sales programme across our Expatriate Banking offices around the globe. The goal was a two-pronged approach working with both managers and staff together to embed best practice coaching skills & developing sales agents to perform their jobs better.

My experience of working with Prosell is that they are the ultimate in professionalism, and a company very prepared to be flexible with the ever changing needs of the business. I cannot fault their support and advice in meeting our objectives, nor their patience and dependability.

There is a sharp increase in the focus on professionalism by the managers of the business, and the willingness to put coaching into practice. There has been a marked improvement in the sales performance of many of the staff. They have greeted the training with a huge amount of enthusiasm, which I put partly down to the excellent training delivery of Prosell.

Most importantly the culture of the organisation is starting to change to one of a more professional and structured approach.”

Alastair Ramsay, Expatriate Banking Learning & Development Manager