“With a range of services and capabilities that allow us to compete at the complex, corporate level of document management, we needed to make sure all our sales people transitioned from selling office equipment contracts to genuinely adding value and differentiating our offering, through their ability to engage with senior management and sell our managed document services and a full service offering to the corporate market. 

We therefore needed to work with a company that was able to design a program tailored for us that properly explained our value proposition and educated our sales people to use it effectively.  I was very pleased with both the course design and Prosell’s ability to provide facilitators who connected with our sales team. Prosell’s facilitation helped them articulate our value proposition through the entire sales cycle, from who we contacted and the message we wanted to deliver, right through to presenting our proposition and winning key business.  Prosell had the experience to understand how to do this and also how to make sure the training gave the sales teams the tools to implement effectively. 

We have seen uplift in both the number of major opportunities created and the number of major, full service document management contracts won.”

Peter Jarvis, National Sales Manager