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“It is so refreshing, as an HR professional, to work with a company that is as committed to sustainability and return on investment as we are in the HR leadership team. Working with Prosell has been a highly supportive and appropriately challenging partnership which has brought significant expertise to the success of this programme.”

Barbara Sutherland, Head of Capability


"For every participant on the programme, there has been a noticeable and positive change in behaviour. This has contributed to an inclusive yet robust working environment. My supervisors now appreciate the need for a varied coaching approach, instead of delegating using just the ‘tell’ approach. We encourage effective questioning by our supervisors which manifests in an open-dialogue with advisors, making them feel involved in the decision making process. Procoach has also given my supervisors the confidence to address ‘people’ issues and feel comfortable, delivering performance feedback."

Stuart Flower, Dimensions Support Bureau Manager


“As a result of Procoach Professional, we now have a centre of excellence for helping us to deliver a quality service throughout Yell customer service teams.

Procoach programmes remain the customer service ‘house style’. They suit our business, the service remains flexible yet it is as relevant now as it was when we first started the programme a few years ago. We have fully embraced the Procoach concept and, as a result, we expect to experience the long-term benefits throughout our service teams.”

Jan Lovett, Senior Customer Service Manager


“With a range of services and capabilities that allow us to compete at the complex, corporate level of document management, we needed to make sure all our sales people transitioned from selling office equipment contracts to genuinely adding value and differentiating our offering, through their ability to engage with senior management and sell our managed document services and a full service offering to the corporate market. 

We therefore needed to work with a company that was able to design a program tailored for us that properly explained our value proposition and educated our sales people to use it effectively.  I was very pleased with both the course design and Prosell’s ability to provide facilitators who connected with our sales team. Prosell’s facilitation helped them articulate our value proposition through the entire sales cycle, from who we contacted and the message we wanted to deliver, right through to presenting our proposition and winning key business.  Prosell had the experience to understand how to do this and also how to make sure the training gave the sales teams the tools to implement effectively. 

We have seen uplift in both the number of major opportunities created and the number of major, full service document management contracts won.”

Peter Jarvis, National Sales Manager

Lloyds TSB International

“We started working in partnership with Prosell back in early 2011 to develop the PERFECT sales programme across our Expatriate Banking offices around the globe. The goal was a two-pronged approach working with both managers and staff together to embed best practice coaching skills & developing sales agents to perform their jobs better.

My experience of working with Prosell is that they are the ultimate in professionalism, and a company very prepared to be flexible with the ever changing needs of the business. I cannot fault their support and advice in meeting our objectives, nor their patience and dependability.

There is a sharp increase in the focus on professionalism by the managers of the business, and the willingness to put coaching into practice. There has been a marked improvement in the sales performance of many of the staff. They have greeted the training with a huge amount of enthusiasm, which I put partly down to the excellent training delivery of Prosell.

Most importantly the culture of the organisation is starting to change to one of a more professional and structured approach.”

Alastair Ramsay, Expatriate Banking Learning & Development Manager

Imperial Tobacco

“Results from the program have meant that we’ve been able to sustain the improvement we made. Within the first two weeks we observed physical changes in behaviour and our people are now more in tune with the business. In my experience in the business I’ve never had the kind of support Prosell gave us. It’s the only training I’ve done where we get to a measurable finish. Prosell has made a difference to our business, an absolute difference.

Prosell offered us an option that nobody else did - ongoing coaching that actually got the competency levels of our people up. Teaching our managers how to coach properly to get the best out of their people in the workplace rather than off on a course.”

Wayne Jones, National Business Manager

Ice Design

“With 60 plus stores, training and development is key to our business success and Prosell have a unique formula to deliver development to all our team members in a positive and well-coached way. We've achieved real financial results by implementing the Prosell coaching process, not only in the average number of items sold to each customer, but also an increase in the value of each transaction.”

Jodie Gleason, National Sales Manager


“We asked Prosell to evaluate our current go to market strategies. As a result of the diagnosis Prosell completed on our business, we not only had a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our sales strategies. But through Prosell’s recommendations and implementation strategies, we had a clear pathway forward. We are very happy with the results.”

Mark Hensel, Managing Director

An Post RPM

“We have found Prosell to be very professional in their approach, responsive and adaptable to our needs and proactive in supporting and developing the programme. Changing culture in an organisation such as An Post takes time but since we commenced the programme  we have seen a significant shift in culture. Offices are becoming more focused on achieving sales targets, products and services are being proactively introduced to customers (when it is beneficial for the customer), and we have succeeded in getting staff in a number of offices to engage with customers outside the counter.”

Ken Murphy, Retail Performance Manager

An Post

Prosell has worked with An Post over the last 2-3 years in promoting conversational approaches to staff coaching and over-the-counter sales. Prosell has always been very professional in its dealings with An Post, and has brought considerable expertise, experience and energy to the transformation project we have been engaged in.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Prosell to prospective clients.

We have seen considerable behavioural change at the counter in company and contract post-offices around the country.  We have also seen managers increase the extent and improve the nature of their coaching interactions with staff.

The effect of the Customer Plus programme (designed in conjunction with Prosell and delivered with their engagement) cannot be captured in a couple of sentences.  However, comparison with control groups has shown that those offices who engaged with the programme have experienced improved sales growth as a direct and verifiable result of the programme.  Offices engaged in the programme frequently experience double digit growth in transactions levels.”

Diarmuid O'Conghalie, An Post


“I have struggled in the past to find quality coaching capability and so have been greatly impressed by the overall quality and effectiveness of Prosell – and in particular the application of Procoach®.

I have employed Prosell training at both npower and recently at Ecotricity. They have worked on a number of projects covering customer service, call centre telesales and events training.

I can report tangible results; delivering increased performance and important cultural change within the organisation.

A key quality is their approach to projects – and often in sensitive situations they are able to engage at all levels - winning the support within the organisation at management level – and also delivering the enthusiasm and positive outcomes from those directly involved in the programmes.

I would certainly recommend Prosell - and I would say the tougher the challenge the more valuable they will be.”

Chris Wintle, Sales & Marketing Director, Ecotricity

GE Money

“In terms of cultural change, this has been massive over the last 18 months. This has been achieved through a number of key initiatives and strategic changes on what and how we sell. The implementation of Prosell was a key driver in terms of driving the cultural change to become more results focused and sales driven as people are bought into our vision and feel valued in terms of the coaching and development they know receive.

Performance has improved 500%, (ROI 4:1). The Prosell model was certainly a crucial element amongst a number of changes implemented over last 18 months. In terms of staff feedback, we have moved from 63% of staff feeling valued and supported by direct manager to 100% (over last 5 quarter surveys).”

Sarah McMann, Sales Director, GE Money