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BT Global Services

“We conducted a formal ROI report into the Sales Managers Development Programme that Prosell delivered for us. This was a programme designed to build coaching competency in first line sale managers.

We found that the ROI was in excess of 200%. This report was audited by the ROI Institute.

In terms of business impact, I should say that with the SMDP coaching programme, we achieved a drop in voluntary attrition from approximately 19% to below 12%.  In the sales field this is very significant.”

David Vachell, Learning and Development Manager, BT Global Services

Post Office Ltd

“We choose to work with Prosell because of their pragmatic approach to our problem of transforming our organisation's culture of transactional order taking into a conversational approach to selling. They understood the environment in which we operated and the diverse attitudes of our staff and agents to selling.

Prosell worked closely with us and adapted their Procoach Coaching model to meet the needs of our branch managers and Post Masters. We were impressed with the added value of transferring the learning. This was a key feature of the programme to achieve sustainability beyond the initial injection of Prosell resources. In partnership we also devised a practical sales model based around conversational selling.

The programme delivered a 17% improvement in transaction value and meant a £10 million revenue forecast for The Post Office. Previous attempts to grow revenue had failed to deliver anything close to this magnitude and the legacy of the programme still delivers success to this day as the sales culture of the Post Office has changed beyond recognition.”

Eric Logan, National Sales Support Manager, Post Office Ltd.