Procoach® App

The Procoach® app is a new addition to our Procoach® programme, which through a blended learning solution of using classroom training, workplace coaching and digital learning, will enable your managers to become effective performance coaches.

The Procoach® Journey
We have been running our workplace coaching programme, Procoach®, for over 20 years. Procoach® has evolved over the years due to our experiences and latest research and has consistently confirmed and reinforced our belief that coaching brings about tangible and measurable results.

Technological developments have provided an opportunity to enhance our Procoach® programme by creating an innovative way of learning through an app. The Procoach® app provides micro learning modules which allows for independent learning on a continual basis helping to reinforce learning further. It also connects the participant and their consultant, allowing the consultant to track their progress and support them further in areas which they find difficult. This can be done either through FaceTime or email.

Benefits of using the Procoach® App:

If you would like to help your frontline teams develop effective leadership skills with our coaching programme, Procoach®, which can be supported with our customised mobile learning App or would like to arrange a live demo, please call 020 8755 5380 or email