The Prosell Onboarding App

The Prosell Onboarding App will help you accelerate the ramp up of your new sales people. Customised to the unique requirements of your business, the mlearning app uses both new and existing learning materials, aiming to connect the new starter, manager and trainer to maximise work place development.

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Why the Prosell Onboarding App?

Over recent years, research has shown that more and more companies have revealed a number of growing issues with traditional onboarding programmes. A large multinational client in the telecoms sector was experiencing 48% attrition with their new hires and required an innovative solution.

We focused research and development around these issues and designed a customised solution, using radical learning techniques, drawing on our specialist expertise in working with sales teams to help ramp up performance and increase retention.

Through our analysis stage, we discovered that many of our clients were experiencing similar issues with their traditional onboarding programmes.
The main challenges faced were:

1) New hires felt overwhelmed by the volume of information they were expected to learn in a short period of time

Our solution:
Learning was broken down into a logical sequence of bite size steps over a realistic time frame.
Outcome: This enabled new hires to learn in their own time and fit it into their everyday lifestyle so that it became a ongoing learning process. For example, trainees were able to access materials or complete activities through their mobile devices whilst travelling to meet clients or during their commute. As a result, they were able to better absorb and retain the relevant information.  

2) Reps did not gain enough exposure to the field during initial training

Our solution: Online, offline and on-the-job learning.
Outcome: The app provides the ultimate blended learning solution. Having a combination of practical and theoretical elements helped trainees embed their learning by firstly understand the content and then applying it effectively in real life situations. This resulted in better work place learning.

3) There was a disconnect between managers and new hires

Our solution: Tracking progress via the app, providing instant feedback and improving communication via FaceTime, instant messaging or email.
Outcome: This meant that managers were able to identify areas that trainees needed to develop and support them quickly and appropriately. The improved support instantly made employees feel more motivated.

4) The majority of new hires were not completing the required independent study and were not fully prepared for the face-to-face training; therefore time was wasted getting everyone up to the same level

Our solution: Our tracking features enabled managers and trainers to monitor who had completed the independent work and therefore, select only the trainees who were fully prepared to attend the face-to-face training.
Outcome: This improved the ROI as the training and resources were utilised more effectively and this accelerated the trainee ramp up to performance.

As the onboarding process is the most crucial stage for new hires, the added support through our solution also boosted engagement levels and as a result, improved retention.

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