I didn’t come here to sell

Guy Sellwood, from Prosell talks about helping non-sales staff shift their roles and the impact this can have on an organisation.

Hi, I’m Guy Sellwood.
I would like to talk to you about helping your professional and technical staff overcome their resistance to selling - and the impact this can have on your bottom line. So why is it so important that your staff have the confidence to engage your customers in these valuable sales conversations? There are two key reasons.

Your technical staff are the experts
Firstly, these people are viewed as experts – and experts can exert a strong influence on our behaviour. If someone has the capability to solve a problem, we are more likely to listen to them when they recommend a solution.

Customer contact
Secondly, it is these frontline staff that might be the only touch-points a customer has with an organisation for several years. So, in many cases, they are the human face of the company.

I didn’t come here to sell
Yet, whether you are talking to a lawyer or a scientist – the reaction is likely to be the same. Selling is just not part of their job spec and they feel uncomfortable with the very idea.

What is stopping these staff from selling?
So, what is preventing these staff from selling?Let’s take the example of a tax specialist in an accountancy practice or an I.T support desk engineer. Would they naturally suggest alternatives to the existing service, which might make their customer’s life easier? Probably not. Despite the fact that there may well be a better solution for their client from the company’s range of products or services, these experts simply do not see it as their role to recommend something different. All too often the ‘sales’ role is associated with pitching products that customers do not actually want. But this is not the case. Selling is about matching particular products or services to a customer’s needs. Therefore, ‘experts’ in your organisation are one of the best resources to make sales, as they have an in-depth understanding of the customer’s real issues, concerns and challenges.

Developing the ability to shift roles

So how do you create an environment where shifting from a technical role to a sales conversation is the norm?

The secret of successful organisations

Perhaps role shift is the best kept secret of successful organisations? Imagine the potential for growth if people in your organisation had the ability and the motivation to make appropriate sales propositions based on engaging dialogue with your customers.

If you want to know more about how we have helped organisations bring about successful and profitable role-shifting initiatives, please get in touch, we would love to

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