Think beyond your potential

Simon Morden, CEO of Prosell, outlines the importance of attitudes and mindsets to improving the performance of sales and customer services teams. At Prosell, our approach to workplace coaching focuses on changing mindset, so that everyone can unlock their potential.

Think beyond your potential
Hello, my name is Simon Morden and today I would like to talk to you about the importance of mindset for your business.

Mindset: Fixed or Growth
Dr Carol Dweck
Research carried out by Carol Dweck highlights the importance of mindset, either fixed or growth,

Organisations with a fixed mindset value outcome over effort. Rather than believe that everyone has the potential for growth and self-development, these companies might focus on just a few star performers - this doesn’t help the individual and certainly isn’t good for the organisation.

However, companies with a growth mindset believe that everybody in the business – including the CEO – has the potential to develop through teamwork, self-awareness and practice.

All of which is good for self-development and good for delivering superior long-term returns for the business.

So what does mindset mean in practice?

“A genius with 1,000 helpers”
Jim Collins
Firstly, lets look at a company with a fixed mindset. At the helm you will often find a larger-than-life leader issuing commands – or “A genius with 1,000 helpers”

Just imagine the impact this could have on the morale of a business and its ongoing performance?  Employees will feel undervalued, vulnerable and, therefore, less committed to the organisation’s goals.

Now, in a business with a growth mindset, CEOs believe in the potential of their teams to grow and develop. They will take the time to probe, to understand the business and not shy away from making tough decisions.  What is different about these leaders is that they see the value of a culture of coaching, mentoring, self-development and honest feedback.

What about your management teams?
And the impact of mindset permeates throughout the organisation.

The manager with a fixed mindset makes quick decisions about employees and their competence  - they’re unlikely to change their opinion over time. They cannot see the value of coaching their teams and fail to notice even when employees have shown improvement.

Now look at a manager with a growth mindset. They view the talent of their new recruits as just the starting point of the journey. They understand that the development of their employees is very much their responsibility and will invest ample time in coaching them and recognising improvements in their performance.

Honest feedback is key to a growth mindset: not only are managers happy to critique the performance of their team, but also, importantly, employees are happy to provide feedback to their managers. They take ownership of their own learning and performance

And your frontline staff?
And mindset is no less important to your frontline staff.

A growth mindset allows your employees to want to improve their performance and appreciate that the effort is worthwhile, both for them personally and for the business.

The characteristics of growth mindset people
So what are the characteristics of growth mindset people and do you need to look for, model and encourage?

They practice
They accurately assess their own strengths and weaknesses
They ask for feedback
They focus on the process not the outcome
They see unsubstantiated over praising as detrimental as under praising
They believe that “elephants can dance……” Gerstner ex CEO IBM

Think beyond your potential
Much of our work at Prosell, focuses on changing the attitudes and mindset of teams – by creating working conditions where people do not set limits to their potential.

We want people to realise that they are on a journey, to recognise the progression that they have made and to be ready for the next steps.

Our approach to coaching helps people dissect their performance - to understand what they have learnt, how they have developed and what areas need to improve.

These are life lessons – just as valid for the CEO of a multi-national business as to a school leaver embarking on their career. Are you ready to unlock your potential?

If you would like to improve the performance of your sales and customer service teams through effective workplace coaching, please do get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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