Coaching for Sales and Customer Service Success

This guide is a great introduction if you are new to workplace coaching or if you have some coaching experience but need a refresher.  It is written with frontline managers or supervisory staff in mind and is full of practical examples that demonstrate key points. 

Our expert team have spent years uncovering what really influences an individual’s performance. We’ve identified 3 key internal components — mindset, behavioural skills and activity levels.

Naturally, individuals do not work in isolation. Other external influences will also affect their performance, such as the resources available, allocated time and budget.

This practical guide takes a deep dive into the 3 key internal components. It also outlines the 5 key stages of our Procoach® model. Through the Procoach® model, you’ll learn how to develop and practise the skills needed to ensure workplace coaching is embedded throughout your organisation.

There are plenty of self-assessment questions and case studies to help illustrate just how the theory works in practice.

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