Sales Coaching and Training Programmes

Customised sales coaching and training programmes tailored to your needs

In our 30 plus years’ experience developing bespoke sales coaching and training programmes, we’ve  worked with a broad range of businesses around the world, including telecommunications, media, IT, financial services and retail.

We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions, but will work with you to develop a programme that takes account of the challenges you’re facing and your long-term objectives.

Sales services

Sales training

We’ll help you implement a regular programme of training for your sales executives and managers that keeps up with the fast pace of change in your business. 

Sales coaching

Our workplace coaching programme will help increase your employee engagement, reduce your turnover and improve overall performance. 

Sales train-the-trainer

We’ll develop a customised approach that considers the nature of your business, context and the desired changes in the behaviour of your sales teams.

Retail sales training

Frontline retail teams are key to performance and delivering the expected brand experience. We’ll help your frontline team hone their skills in understanding customer needs and presenting effective solutions.

Call centre sales training

Your call centres are key to delivering the desired customer experience and developing customer satisfaction and loyalty. We’ll help ensure your teams are motivated, effective and excelling.

Conversational sales training

In any customer-facing situation, you can generally anticipate a positive response if your conversation is one in which you explore or address a customer’s needs. That’s a skill we’ll help your employees master.

Customer services

Customer services

We’ll help your customer services teams deliver excellent customer satisfaction, retention and experiences, even when under pressure.

Customer services

We’ll equip your customer services managers and supervisory staff with the skills to coach and develop their direct reports.

Customer services

We’ll boost your internal customer service training capability.

Call centre customer

Your contact centres play an important role in the customer experience, customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. We’ll help you streamline these services for maximal effect.

Retail customer

In today’s omni-channel retail world, bricks and mortar stores continue to play an important role in delivering the brand promise and customer experience. We’ll help ensure your retail customer service representatives continue to represent the best of your brand.

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