Digital Learning

Digital Learning is an established part of our training mix. As an organisation that has the necessary skills to deliver workshops, coaching and technology supported training, we use appropriate methods of learning to suit the subject, training purpose and organisation’s cultural requirements.

We believe that context is key. We therefore work with you to create media rich content and a delivery platform that reflects what you need.  We use our expertise in sales, customer service and management – in collaboration with your experiences – to customise training programmes, through the use of blended learning solutions, such as webinars, mLearning and elearning platforms.

Digital Age Opportunities

We have always had an active interest in how technology can aid learning and development. We first started out in 1996 wherein we introduced digital learning into our training programmes in the form of a CD-ROM. This involved having multiple virtual rooms with an abundance of resources such as quizzes, information and videos to enrich and test sales people on their skills and product knowledge.

With the rise of internet capabilities and technological advancements, we soon realised that this was the opportune time to develop training programmes by incorporating eLearning platforms and simulation software. In more recent years, we noticed a rapid change in on-demand learning and the need for a more innovative way to learn. It was for this reason that we moved into the mobile learning space to meet the needs of modern learners and help companies develop a more integrated approach to training.

Our mLearning Platform – On.Board

On.Board is a single mobile platform to create, access, track and evaluate all learning and coaching activities. On.Board delivers an engaging learning experience that develops skills and knowledge and ramps up performance.

The On.Board platform enhances the learning experience by aligning content, activities and people. It provides evidencing and feedback opportunities throughout the learning journey to manage development and team growth.


Next Steps

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