Procoach® – performance coaching

We know – and the recent SEC study confirms it – that classroom training alone doesn’t change behaviour. SEC report that coaching makes a training programme four times as effective as classroom training alone.

We’ve experienced many examples of the power of performance coaching with our customers. Our Procoach® programme is built on these experiences and research – old and new – that consistently confirms and reinforces our belief that coaching brings about tangible, measurable and continuous changes to business performance.

A practical workplace coaching programme, Procoach® focuses on enabling your managers to become effective performance coaches using these skills to deliver great results and ongoing growth for your business. 

What results does Procoach® deliver? 

As you can see from our case studies, our Procoach® programme delivers tangible, measurable and continuous results for customers in a variety of industries worldwide. Examples include:

  • 50% to 200% sales revenue uplift
  • 36% growth in average order value
  • 47% increase in customer retention
  • 11% improvement in Net Promoter Score
  • 39% reduction in employee attrition

Results like these make a significant difference to your bottom line, as our clients can testify.

What makes it so effective? 

We know that Procoach® works. And our case studies and testimonials demonstrate the types of results you can expect to see.

But what is the rationale behind this approach? Here are some high level reasons why Procoach® delivers:

It delivers resultsRevenue growth, higher service levels and employee retention
It’s holisticIt develops the skills, behaviours and attitudes to deliver your brand experience 
It’s founded on your needsCoaches learn not just “how” to coach, but also “what” to coach their teams on
It’s delivered in the workplaceManagers become confident coaches, capable of developing their teams
It’s got “teeth” Coaches are certified annually to ensure consistent and sustainable performance improvement
It’s flexibleOur framework works within your existing performance management system

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Next steps

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