We design and deliver performance improvement programmes worldwide. Our network of global offices is staffed with experienced trainers who can train in English and local languages.

Our network


Our UK office covers the EMEA region, working with our regional office in Hungary, which provides specialist cover for Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia. We also work closely with our team based in Johannesburg. 

Simon Morden


Guy Sellwood

Managing Director and VP Americas

Mark BW McDermott

Account Director


We have trainers located in almost every country in the region who train in both English and the local languages, including Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

Mickey A. Feher

Head of Prosell Central and Eastern Europe

Australasia / AsiaPac

Our team works with businesses across the region to deliver programmes in many different languages, customised to the local culture.

Peter Fullbrook

Managing Director (Prosell Pty Ltd) and VP AsiaPac

Ian Lumsden

Senior Consultant

The Americas

With trainers across the region, our Americas team works with both local and multinational organisations.

Guy Sellwood

Managing Director and VP Americas

Deborah Brown

Prosell USA Senior Consultant


Our India office, with its large team of trainers, provides services to both multinationals and Indian businesses.

Nupur Panjabi

Head of Prosell India

Nidhi Gosain

Business Development, Prosell India


Our China office covers the entire country and works closely with our Australia office on projects in the AsiaPac region

Peter Fullbrook

Managing Director (Prosell Pty Ltd) and VP AsiaPac

Eric Liu

Head of Prosell China