Customer services in call centres

Your contact centres can play an important role in the customer experience, customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. Get it right and see the rewards, get it wrong and your business could spin in a downward spiral that is difficult to turnaround.

The challenges facing call centres
Customer service agents work in a demanding environment, where operatives need to have the skills to:

Supporting your customer services teams
Providing an on-going programme of training and coaching is essential to supporting and developing your customer services agents and supervisory staff. We provide customised training packages - not off-the-shelf solutions - that consider your unique business requirements, current challenges and long-term business ambitions. Our experience shows that the type of skills often required in the customer services environment include: -

Benefit from our experience
We have been delivering training and coaching programmes to customer services teams around the world for over thirty years. We are experienced in working across a broad range of sectors including financial services, retail, telecommunications, IT and automotive - in a variety of countries and languages.

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