What makes Procoach® so powerful?

Guy Sellwood, from Prosell talks about Procoach®, a tailored coaching programme designed to change the culture and performance of sales and customer service teams in organisations around the world.

Why Procoach® really works?

Hi, my name is Guy Sellwood and I work for Prosell. We are an international training and development consultancy company. Today, I would like to talk to you about Procoach®, one of our most successful products and why I believe it has been so effective for so many of the customers we work with.

Why was Procoach® needed?

Since 1985, we have been fortunate enough to work with a really interesting variety of customers in a number of different markets ranging from IT, automotive, financial services and construction. But it was our work in 2004 with a financial services company here in the UK that really led us to work out what the key ingredients would be to make this programme such a success. And I want to share with you what it was that led us to the conclusions that we arrived at.

Get to the root of the issue
So, like many organisations that get in touch with us – this financial services company had a problem with their sales. They had a group of sales agents selling three insurance policies - contents insurance for people's homes, buildings insurance and thirdly mortgage protection insurance. The agents in question were very successful at selling the first two of these products. However, when it came to the third product, the mortgage protection insurance they were really struggling. And despite the organisation looking at how it marketed these products, looking at the agents in terms of their skills, in terms of could they present the benefits of these products and numerous other interventions, they were really not able to make the sales that they wanted.

We coached the managers in how to have a dialogue with their agents to really uncover what it was about mortgage protection insurance that was so challenging for them to sell. What emerged from these conversations was the reason that these agents were struggling had nothing to do with their skills in selling but had everything to do about how they felt about the product their were selling. With the mortgage protection insurance they felt that the premiums being charged were very high when compared perhaps to their own earnings and this was presenting an emotional challenge for them in how they presented these products.

The solution
So, you might ask what was the solution? Well, there were two parts. First of all, we encouraged the managers to talk to the agents about what constituted a large premium and what the impact would be - even for these relatively wealthy customers if they were unable to pay their mortgage.

And secondly, we encouraged the agents to re-sequence how they presented the products. So, instead of selling those they found easier first and moving on to the harder product, we encouraged them to sell the one they found more difficult first and then move on to the others - and this helped them to sell more effectively.

The results
So, what were the results? Well, sales increased threefold on the mortgage protection insurance - but not only that, performance on the other two products also improved significantly. And for us, this is not an isolated example. We have helped other organisations achieve similar or better results using the Procoach® programme.

Why does Procoach® work?

What makes Procoach® different? Well, there are three strands to Procoach®;-

The "what to coach" is about how to uncover the real issues, often attitudinal and helping teams find solutions to their own challenges. The "how to coach" is a powerful tool that helps managers obtain the skills required to help individuals take ownership and make change for themselves. And finally, managers and supervisors on our programme receive one-to-one support sessions over several months so not only can they learn what to do differently but they can actually put it into practise with our support.

We would be very interested to hear your experiences in how workplace coaching has helped you transform the culture and performance of your own organisations. So please feel free to get in touch - we would love to hear your stories.

To find out more about Procoach® and how it can improve performance in your sales and customer service teams, please call +44 208 755 5380.

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