Four tips for effective retail sales management

Monday 16 November 2015

There is no doubt that to survive in today’s competitive retail environment, a programme of continuous improvement must be rooted in a firm’s culture – and sales performance is a key element of the total mix. Here are some essential tips for retail sales managers:

1.  Set high standards
Your business’ survival depends on excellence. Challenge the existing standards, define what “good” looks like and invest in training so that outstanding performance can be embedded throughout the organisation and that all employees are confident in delivering great customer service. Don’t put untrained staff on the shop floor and expect them to perform. Have a company-wide induction programme to explain the core brand values, define the service standards and start the training in effective sales techniques.

2.  Grow sales
Ensure that your team understands the connection between the required standards and sales. Conversational selling training can help your retail staff to have the confidence to talk to a customer, find out what they are looking for and help them select the most appropriate product.

3.  Offer customer service excellence
Good customer service is memorable – and can generate a cycle of success, with your customers recommending your business to family and friends. Whilst there might be variations in the look and feel of your service, depending on your brand – a trendy clothing retailer might have a very different dress code to a high street pharmacy - friendly, helpful service is always a constant.

4.  Ensure performance is sustained
Practice makes perfect. Give your teams the opportunity to fine-tune their skills both in the classroom and in the workplace.  Classroom training supported by on-going, on-the-job coaching by sales managers is four times more effective*. Staff can apply and perfect their new skills, ensuring that these become automatic – particularly at busy times.

If you would to discuss how improving the sales and customer service performance of your frontline retail teams, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

* SEC 2005


This blog was originally posted in September 2013, but has been reviewed and updated to reflect 2016 issues.

This post was written by

Mark BW McDermott

Account Director