“Why aren’t my staff talking to our customers?”

Thursday 5 February 2015

Why aren’t my staff talking to our customers?”
If you would like your frontline staff to talk more to your customers, you are not alone. Over the years, we have heard from numerous organisations that would like their teams to have the skills and confidence to engage better with their customers. And this desire to improve their conversational selling skills is not restricted to a particular sector – we have worked with a diverse range of businesses from retail to accountancy, from financial services to telecommunications.

The customer experience counts
So why does having good conversational selling skills matter? In our experience, the ability to quickly build rapport can have a dramatic effect on the customer experience and loyalty – both vital for the long-term success of an organisation.

How do you get to your teams to have good conversations?
We have developed a four-step approach, which has been very effective in improving the conversational selling skills of frontline employees, particularly when supported by line managers with strong coaching skills.

Step#1: Connect
Your frontline staff need be able to connect with customers and quickly build rapport. Understanding the impact of body language and choice of vocabulary is key to success at this stage.

Step #2: Find out
This is where your teams will use a conversational approach to find out exactly what the customer is looking for – and consider which of the company’s products or services might be appropriate for that particular customer. 

Step #3: Match
Sales and customer services staff then need the skills to discuss with the customer the product or service options and relate them back to the customer’s needs identified in step #2.

Step #4: Complete
The objective of this step is for the transaction / next step to be completed efficiently and to leave a good impression on the customer.

Over the years, we have found that this model of conversational selling, supported by ensuring that front line managers have good coaching skills, has really worked for companies such as Lloyds Pharmacies, Travelex, An Post and Lloyds TSB International Expatriate Banking Services.

If you would like your frontline staff to talk to customers with confidence, do get in touch. At Prosell, we offer customised training and coaching to improve the conversational selling skills of your sales and customer services teams

This post was written by

Mark BW McDermott

Account Director